Friday, April 15, 2005


My husband went hunting this morning.  He had the day off and instead of spending it with me, taking me around to get some pictures... he went out to buddy up with a friend who had a spring turkey tag.  I have been itching to get 'downrange' for some shots, and when it finally opens up and he has the day off.... he goes out with a friend instead.  Whats up with that?

There's something about the guy that keeps him in high demand during the various hunting seasons.  This man is very adament about wearing the proper clothing, no jewelry, no perfumes, no make up, nothing that will make un-natural noises or scents.  His sence of hearing is amazing, he prides himself for being able to hear a mouse fart at 300 yards... that I'm sure is an exaduration, but probably not by much.  Funny thing is... he sounds like an elephant walking through the woods, he seems to kick every rock and snap every branch, but goodness knows if someone with him does, he'll turn with an exasperated look on his face and motion for silence.  He uses special laundry soap for his hunting clothes, he has earth scented body wash and shampoo.  Once he even bought some deer pee to cover his scent (I went totally balistic when I found the little spray bottle in the frige with our food!  He's not brought home any since then). 

With all this ultra-careful attention to mask his scent and blend in... he still brushes his teeth with Cool Mint Crest.  Now just because mint is a natural scent I don't think it would blend in with the woodland fragrances.  AND.... I swear there's something about the outdoors that does something to his internal organs because he cannot hold anything in.  He's either peeing, pooping or farting every couple of miles along the trail.  My husband says that its a natural smell which is why he can get away with emparting his odor in the woods without spooking the animals.  Oh, I've no doubt they smell him alright, I think they just all rush upwind to get away from the stench, which unfortunately for them puts them right infront of him.  I won't do it in the woods.  I'm too paranoid about squatting over a rattlesnake, which is something my husband has actually done by the way... click here for the story... or getting caught with my pants down by a bear, or even worse... other hunters! 

So anyhow, I'm pouting today.  I really REALLY want to take my new camera down range, where the deer and the antelope play.... And the elk, and the eagles, and the beavers, and the badgers, and the turkeys........  If anyone could get me up close enough to get some photographs of the local wildlife its my stinkin', noisy husband, who really is the best tracker I know... but who'd rather be out with his hunting buddies than his wife.  That is absolutely outrageous!

Wednesday, April 6, 2005

CABELAS, and a near disaster.

I finally got to go to Cabelas in February.... twice in fact.  Once on our way out to Ft. Knox, Kentucky, and then again on our way back home.  Was it worth the wait?  You betcha!  My husband spent way too much money there... and I let him!  Mostly because he bought me a window mount for my camera and some those really cool shot glasses I've been nagging him about for years.  So yes, I'm a happy camper at last!

I smell like elk sausage right now.  I smell good actually, its smoked summer sausage.  Mmmmmm.  We have 4 left of our orininal 28 sticks.  We have to get rid of them like NOW!  Want some?  I went out to the garage to get some burger from the freezer and discovered to my horror that the freezer chest had been unplugged.  It probably happened on Sunday when we had the extention cord running through for the power  washer.  Fortunately everything on the lower level was still frozen solid, but the two tubs we had on the top, and the last of our elk sausage, was thawed and we have to use it tonight or waste it... its too thawed to refreeze safely.  All I can say is... thank goodness I discovered it today, while it was still salvagable.  Can you imagine the mess I would have had later on in the week?