Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Dickidoo is going to elk camp up in the high country. I won't be going. It's a guy thing. He and his BS Buddies (BS means exactly what you think it means...) will be gone for almost 2 weeks. My sister-in-law (his baby sister) is indignant for me. I am not.

The way I see it, while he's out in the woods climbing up mountains and cliffs, huddling in a crowded tent with 3 other hunters who by the end of the excursion will not have bathed in 10 days, farting chili and burping beans... I shall have the queen sized Serta to myself. I can take long hot showers without interruption. I can sleep through the night without being awakened by the suffocating stench of his flatulations.

I think it's safe to say that I'm just about as excited about elk camp as he is. In fact I think I might even help him pack!

"Take lots of clean wool socks and some extra blankets Sweetie..." (we wouldn't want you to have to come home early because it was too cold!)