Saturday, September 10, 2005


You get up in the morning, o'dark hundred, and dress in your Real Tree Mossy Oak Advantage jeans and turtleneck. Its fall turkey season and you're ready.   You want to be able to blend into your surroundings like a ghost.  You drive out to the field where the roost tree stands.  But before walking out to find a good spot to set up, you don your vest and hat.  A short hike and you are smack dab in the middle of turkey territory.  The woods are just beginning to wake up and you are almost twitchy with anticipation.  Slowly, almost teasingly, the sun rises and bathes the woodlands with its warm glow.  You are motionless, you are one with the woods.

Dude, you have a fricken flourescent orange vest on!  You almost glow in the dark.  The only thing you'll blend into is a pumpkin patch. 

Whats un-be-fricken-lievable is the fact that he actually got his turkey a couple of hours after this picture was shot.  Trust me, it wasn't because he blended into his surroundings.  Those turkey probably saw him coming a mile away!  If anything they came closer to get a better look at the Great Pumpkin.


helmswondermom said...

We so agree!  My husband wears his orange out to his treestand (before light), then takes it off while he's in his stand.  He has only just started turkey hunting, hasn't got one yet.  I am enjoying reading your journals.  We only hunt for the meat, too!  Hubby always gets as many as he's allowed if he can; we fill up a big upright freezer and give meat to our family and friends.  We also process it ourselves which saves money and ensures the meat is done right!

Read this entry to my husband and we both burst out laughing.


hestiahomeschool said...

I think the animals are color blind...